Swift Playgrounds Online Course

Some are saying Swift is the future for programming as many universities are incorporating Swift into their programming courses. We introduce Swift in a fun and engaging way that take children through a world of interactive puzzles and playful characters while learning to programme at the same time.

Suitable for children age 8-13+ years old.

One-hour session. run at any time, any day at your convenience.

Requirement: iPad, Mac, Swift Playground app (free)

Cost £10.00 per session

Pay-as-you go, no committment.

Swift Playgrounds Online Course

Learn coding through fun puzzle solving game on the Swift Playground. Live, 1-to-1 online, hourly courses 7 days a week at time parents see fit.

Date(s) Every Monday from 04/01/2021
Age 8-13+
Price £10.00
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Swift Playgrounds Online Course

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